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by | Apr 18, 2012 | SEO Company

An SEO company used to have a much simpler set of services. They would optimize pages for certain keywords, lay out your site in a site map, and submit your site to directories. It has gotten a lot more complicated, but it is all starting to come back full circle, and it is getting more simple again. The reason is that Google is penalizing for over-optimization now. There are a lot of sites that are starting to feel the sting of Google because they are updating the algorithm to punish sites that do too much optimization. So, the average SEO company is having to scale back their services.

An SEO Company Should Provide These Essential Services

An SEO company should definitely provide a core set of services that will be sure to rock the boat when it comes to your competitors. They should work with site maps, on-page keywords, and interlinking, but they shouldn’t employ the new tactics that are being penalized by Google as over-optimization.

An SEO Company Should Be Cheap Compared To Scale Of Your Site

If you have a small site, you should be able to get a much cheaper deal than if you have a site with thousands of pages. Watch out for search engine companies that charge the same for both types of services. They might be applying a cookie-cutter approach.


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