Target the Long Tail to Improve Your SEO

by | Aug 22, 2012 | SEO

Many who are new to SEO practices try to target the most popular keywords. The competition for these keywords and key phrases, however, often makes progress slow and challenging. Another strategy is to target so-called “long tail” keywords.

How do long tail keywords relate to SEO?

Long tail is a term used to describe fields that receive less attention and less competition. In SEO terms, long tail keywords and key phrases are terms that are searched less commonly than the main terms. They may be uncommon alternative to the primary term or more specific versions of the term. For example, “dentist” is an common search term; “dentist in Lubbock” is far less common. Targeting multiple long tail keywords can be a better way to divide one’s effort.

How do I find long tail keywords for my SEO?

Keyword tools often provide alternative words and phrases to consider. Alternatively, one can consider targeting specific sub-niches. The effort and expertise necessary to rank well for these terms is far less than that would be required to rank for the main keyword or key phrase, and many SEO experts have had considerable success targeting the long tail.


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