The Mobile Searchers And SEO Companies

by | Jul 18, 2012 | SEO Companies

The mobile web is expanding rapidly with users searching it in new ways. Google’s indicated that around 45% of mobile searches involve local intent.

SEO Companies Underscore Differences

  • Mobile users search the Internet for quick answers as they are likely on the move. Frequently task oriented, they aren’t likely to wait for a page to load.
  • If unable to immediately find the answer their query, users will click off.
  • Mobile browsers also differ regarding SEO strategies. Keywords, content format, device type, site appearance and ensuring the site loads quickly are important in weighted totals. SEO Companies can provide useful information on the latest information regarding algorithms used to determine rankings.

SEO Companies Suggest Guidelines

  • Local Intent links to Local SEO, which compares geographic search terms to a database of local listings. Registering with Local Search Engines is critical. SEO Companies can recommend the best search engines to utilize.
  • Some mobile search engines include a GPS, adding location to search parameters. A business should maintain a positive community reputation so it’s name is likely to be entered, neutralizing the possibility that the user’s location might rule it out.

Getting a mobile platform right the first time is crucial to avoid lost customers. Hiring one of the SEO companies skilled in mobile SEO can increase the likelihood of high rankings.


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