Two Biggest SEO Mistakes

by | Jul 11, 2012 | SEO

Plenty has been said about what to do in order to improve search engine optimization (SEO) but not enough about what not to do. Search engines today have become increasingly sophisticated in determining what qualities make a website really useful and worthy of a high rating. They are especially turned off by any evidence of the following two practices:

Enhancing SEO Through the Unnatural Use of Keywords

While everyone knows the importance of using the right keywords, that doesn’t mean you should just cram your website with those words any way. When keywords appear forced into your text instead of enhancing your SEO it actually lowers it once it becomes apparent what you did. It is ok to make use of keywords when it fits naturally into the text, but overdoing it is a SEO negative in the long run.

Enhancing SEO Through the Irrelevant Use of Keywords

Some people don’t overuse keywords, but they use them in contexts where they don’t belong just because they’ve heard that word is good for SEO. However this is just another version of the mistake of using keywords unnaturally, as search engines will eventually downgrade you when they discover the irrelevance of your usage.


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