Why you Need to Check your SEO

by | Apr 26, 2012 | SEO

Good vs Bad SEO

SEO can be a fantastic tool for increasing your business and visibliity on the internet, but there is also a dark side to SEO. When you end up gong with less reputable vendors, you can often end up with optimization that, while it works, can reflect badly on your business. It is crucial to make sure that your SEO vendor is not using any of these shady methods, and if they are, you need to cut off any funding and resources to them immediately.

Check out your SEO

One of the easiest ways to check your optimization is to simply use a search engine to look for references to your website. What gives away shady optimization is comments in blogs that inexplicably link to your website, or links in forum profiles. While these can up your SERP, there is a chance that someone else will also find this and it will reflect badly on your business. This is why going with a reputable SEO company is absolutely crucial to getting the best that money can buy.


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